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Graphology Bipartite

Functions related to bipartite graphs and to be used with graphology.


npm install graphology-bipartite



Returns whether the given graph is bipartite according to the given partition scheme.

import {isBypartiteBy} from 'graphology-bipartite';
// Alternatively, to load only the relevant code:
import isBypartiteBy from 'graphology-bipartite/is-bipartite-by';

// Wrt some node attribute:
isBipartiteBy(graph, 'category');

// Using some getter function:
isBipartiteBy(graph, (node, attr) => externalIndex[node].category);


  • graph Graph: target graph.
  • getNodePartition string|function: node attribute name or getter function taking a node entry (node, attributes) and returning this node’s partition.